Hi, my name is Carson👋

I am a Systems Analyst for the BC Government, Software Developer, and Content Creator. My fascination with technology began in high school, and over the past decade, I've dedicated myself to exploring and expanding that passion.

My journey started with creating mod menus and infection patches for Call of Duty 4 & MW2 on Xbox 360. Today, I work as a Systems Analyst for the provincial government. I pursued Computer Science at Camosun College, gaining expertise in software development, networking, and system administration. In the last ten years, I've delved into various languages and frameworks, including HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap (3/4/5), Flexbox, Vanilla JavaScript, React, Typescript, Node.js/Express.js, SQL, MongoDB, AJAX, C#/.NET/ASP.NET, Python, Django, C++, Java, Swift, UIKit, coreData, SwiftUI, and more. Check out my Github to explore some of my projects.

My professional journey also involves experience with Azure, Microsoft 365 administration, Windows (client/server), macOS, Linux, AAD/AD, networking, network administration, cybersecurity, scripting, documentation, hardware/software diagnostics & repair, and virtualization. I find joy in almost everything related to technology!

I occasionally create tech-focused videos on Youtube and you can reach out to me on Instagram if you're looking for a chat. Oh, and feel free to connect with me on Linkedin too!

Check out my Fuzzy Keyboard Ceaning tool for MacOS!
Check out On The Spot for iOS, iPad, and MacOS!